I have a graduate degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in painting and post-modern critical theory.  Ten years ago I happened to have an unexpected opportunity to sculpt from the figure, and I had the epiphany of my life.  Prior to that I had spent twenty-five years working as a painter but never felt the spark, the most important and potent ingredient for passion.   I knew within the week that I was a born sculptor.  This was what my talent was made for, and I had found it.  

My enthusiasm to learn bordered on the obsessive.  I spent years working hundred hour weeks, and many times resented competing social engagements.  I pored over anatomy books.  I acquired and assembled skeletons in order to learn structure.   I talked with every figurative sculptor I could find. 

It took me four years to achieve the technical fluency necessary to begin to create the art that I envisioned.  It took another year to hone in on subject matter and composition.   The images on this website form the kernel of what will be my lifetime’s body of work.